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Do you watch Boxsets? I do, especially when the wind is howling outside and its sooooo cold! Hello Autumn! ūüėÄ If this is so, then the only reason I will forgive you for not tuning into BBC iPlayer Autumn 2018 is that… actually, ¬†no excuses needed. You are to go straight to jail, do not pass go or collect ¬£50. Don’t get me wrong, I love Netflix and Amazon Prime and I’d rather give up my makeup buying habit before cancelling my subscriptions to either ( First world problems I know…) But honestly the Beeb are killing it at the moment. Stop what you’re doing ( read the blog post though ūüėČ and comment pretty please). Download BBCiPlayer and watch these amazing boxsets…

The Assassination of Gianni Versace

The Assassination Of Gianni Versace
The Assassination Of Gianni Versace- image courtesy Radio Times

This all star cast Drama is a true crime type drama that documents the Assassination of celebrated designer Gianni Versace. And then the ensuing events leading up it. It is an interesting angle of telling a story as the story, it goes back and forth between the past. Also without giving too much away, the gripping storyline has had me hooked. BBC writers you deserve a salute as do the mind blowing actors Рhello Darren Criss. Penelope Cruz, hell they even have Ricky Martin in it.  This is a gripping must watch TV that I think is the one thing to air on TV in 2018.

The Cry

The Cry on BBC Iplayer
The Cry Image courtesy BBC

This powerful gripping drama about a couple who’s child goes missing and the gripping events that follow, plus the real story which emerges( I could write more, but since every single thing I have to say about it maybe a spoiler and that would be fair.) Jenna Coleman stars so brilliantly in this…. I had to watch all episodes in one sitting. Sleep is overrated.

Killing Eve

Killing Eve on BBC
Killing Eve on BBC- image courtesy Spoiler TV

This has been one of the most talked about show in ages. It is of the most sleek, stylish and nail biting shows I’ve seen in a while. It has Sandra Oh( Grey’s Anatomy) and Jodie Comer ( Dr Foster) as lead stars. This cat and mouse drama has kept most of the UK on the edge of their seats, and the twists are unbelievable. On a complete aside, the couture! ¬†Jodie wears the most amazing dresses throughout the show. Inspired by the Villaneale Novels, this thriller aired on the BBC has really displayed Oh’s and Comer’s acting chops. Yay for BBC TV dramas with a strong female lead

 The BodyGuard

The Bodygaurd on BBC
The Bodygaurd on BBC- Image courtesy BBC

Richard Madden (hello hottie from Game of Thrones) and Keeley Hawes star in this fantastic thriller TV. ¬†The BBC have managed to throw in a romantic angle which isn’t cheesy and still manages to maintain its thriller element. The writers have done an amazing job with this story. It’s on my must watch for its gritty, gripping, honestly portrayed story. ¬†The PTSD angle which has had the nation talking has dealt with mental illness without judgement or pity. This BBC show is must watch TV.¬†


Wanderlust, a dark comedy
Wanderlust- a dark comedy. Image courtesy tonicollette.org

I have only picked thrillers, or crime stories thus far ( hey a girl likes what she likes). Having said this , Wanderlust deviates from the above picks. BBC’s Wanderlust on iPlayer is a Dark Comedy. It stars Toni Collette, Steven Mackintosh, Zawe Ashton, and is about an ordinary couple in a long term relationship. This bittersweet, yet strangely romantic comedy goes on to explore their idea of an open relationship. What ensues is bittersweet, has some real LOL moments and also a few deep reflective ones. It’s a great show all in all. The acting is on point, but this is not the only reason to press record series on your Iplayer now. This TV show manages to keep morality out of the equation in an intelligent, compassionate and tender way. You must watch it now for a different perspective on life, or press record because it’s bloody good.

What are you all watching on TV? Do let me know in comments below ~ Love Elle xx

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